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How Do We Handle Our Bills And Debts During The Divorce?

In a perfect world, you and your spouse will develop a plan to handle the shared debts and bills from the home you’ve shared and joint financial instruments like credit cards.

Some of the issues to be considered include:

  • Who, if either of you, will remain in the marital home? Often, the spouse who retains the home takes over all or most of the utility payments. The mortgage itself may be subject to consideration as a spousal maintenance issue.
  • Has one party been primary on debts like credit cards? If so, it may make sense for that spouse to assume those payments.

Of course, divorces are rarely simple, and spouses often fail to find common ground on matters like debt and bill paying.

In that case, the judge may need to intervene.

When that happens, you’ll want the best representation possible to advocate for your interests.

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