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My Spouse Is On My Health Insurance Plan Through Work And I Was Just Served With Divorce Papers. Can I Kick Them Off?

It’s human nature to respond to a traumatic event like being served with divorce papers by, in effect, taking your ball and going home.

You may wonder why, if your spouse is so eager to get away from you, you should have to contribute to their wellbeing by continuing to provide things like health insurance.

Well, the answer is that the court will order you to do so in a series of automatic orders that are issued at the time of a filing.

Aside from retaining health insurance policies for your spouse and children, you’ll also be required to leave assets intact and prohibited from raiding retirement accounts and other shared financial instruments.

Don’t like it? Don’t worry. The temporary agreements that guide the divorce aren’t final, and a good legal team can help ensure that your interests – and your assets – are protected in the final divorce settlement.

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