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How Do I Change My Name After My Divorce In Queens?

Resuming use of one’s prior name is one of the most common concerns our clients have as they contemplate a divorce. And while it used to be a subject only women were invested in, the modern approaches that couples have taken to creating married names for both spouses means that increasingly, men who are divorcing also need to include language about use of prior names.

Luckily, reversion to your prior name is standard language in the divorce paperwork, but it’s worth your while to bring the subject up with your divorce lawyer and make sure it doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Once your divorce judgment is in hand, you’ll have to file it with your county clerk’s office, where the judgment will become a matter of public record. Request that the clerk give you three certified copies. There will be a small fee to obtain them, usually $5 per copy.

From there, you’ll use the certified copies to change your name on your social security card and your driver’s license. Bring your birth certificate as well.

The Social Security office will need to see it, and the DMV may need to see it. Both will provide you with new ID under your previous name, which for most people is adequate for all other name change needs.

However, there may be unusual circumstances where the third copy of your divorce judgment will come in handy in resolving any identity issues down the road, so it’s good to have on hand.

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