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How Will A History Of Adultery Play Into A Divorce In Queens, NY Courts?

Adultery is unfortunately an extremely common cause of divorce actions, whether or not it is the grounds you choose to file under.

When a spouse cheats, it breaks the bonds of trust the couple has established. When you’re the cheater, you may find yourself struggling with balancing the competing needs of your family and your lover.

In terms of divorce, there are some important things to know about the ways that adultery does and does not impact the final settlement.

First, adultery doesn’t give the cheated-on spouse leverage to demand greater sums in support, or a greater share of assets.

In that sense, adultery doesn’t have a great impact on the divorce.

On the other hand, money that the cheating spouse may have spent on lovers must be paid back to the marriage, and that compensation can impact the final settlement.

If the adultery included expensive trips, material support for things like rent or a car, or gifts of pricey jewelry or electronics, you can expect that adultery will be a factor as your lawyers negotiate the terms of the settlement.

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