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I Live In Queens, NY – How Can I Move Out Of State With The Kids If I’m Divorced?

Once a custody agreement is in place, an out of state move will require the court’s permission.

As always, the Family Court judge will evaluate your petition under the standard of the best interest of the children.

The relationship they have with your former spouse matters, and the closer that relationship is, the more it matters.

For that reason, we recommend that our clients make efforts to get their former spouse, when that person is an active and interested parent, to agree to the out of state move whenever possible.

By offering amended terms that allow your children and your ex to spend time together and stay close, you have the best chance of creating an opening for their support of the modification.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we help clients achieve the lives they want to live. When your dreams take you out of New York, we can help get the custody agreement that makes it a reality.

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