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How Does A Collaborative Divorce Differ From A Regular Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce differs from traditional divorce in a number of significant ways.

First and foremost, it is explicitly designed to avoid litigation, which can save couples tens of thousands of dollars in costs. Second, rather than relying on a team of attorneys to file motions, examine financial records, and so on, you and your spouse will each work with a collaborative lawyer and a team of professionals that may include counselors, a children’s advocate, a financial specialist, and others as needed in your case.

Relying on experts who are not lawyers is another cost savings mechanism, and also helps create an impartial bank of opinion that can help with maintaining trust and open communication between the parties.

Collaborative Divorce may be most useful for families with children.

Not only do children have a voice in the collaborative process, but they get to see their parents work together in good faith to achieve an end that is acceptable to everyone.

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