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Is My Antique Collection, Which I’ve Added To During The Marriage, Subject To Division?

Yes, pieces that have been added to your collection during the marriage are marital assets.

Collections and similar groupings of prized objects can be a source great concern in a divorce, particularly if the collection has a high dollar value.

Many divorce cases involving antiques, classic cars, fine art, and similar high-dollar property are destined for litigation, and you’ll need the support of divorce attorneys who are experienced in high asset divorces.

Early in a divorce, we can help you have property appraised or re-appraised to establish its true value, then walk you through various scenarios of dispositions.

There are tax implications to be considered whether you choose to sell, donate, or retain an asset, and these can factor heavily into how you decide to proceed with negotiations in a divorce.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we help our clients achieve the most favorable divorce agreements possible by protecting the things that matter to them.

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