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What Do I Do When My Ex-Spouse Seems To Discourage My Child From Visiting?

If your former spouse is in the habit of discouraging your child from attending visitation, or encouraging your child to misbehave or treat you badly during visitation, you may well need help from a Family Court judge to straighten out the situation.

The custody agreement you both signed included visitation because New York knows that children do best when their parents are actively engaged in their lives.

You and your former spouse are both expected to encourage that type of relationship between your child and the other parent.

If your child is unhappy about visitation, ask why. If it’s clear that your former spouse is fueling the situation as a way to hurt you, your first step should be a conversation with your ex.

When you’ve tried that and conversations haven’t resolved the problem, the attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you get relief.

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