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I’ve Moved Closer To My Ex-Spouse And Am Taking Care Of Our Child More. Do I Need To Modify My Custody Agreement?

If you lived far away from your child, your custody agreement may not have included a Right of First Refusal. With a Right of First Refusal clause, your former spouse agrees to ask you first in situations where they would otherwise hire a babysitter.

If your current parenting arrangement is working well for you, your former spouse, and your child, and your move looks permanent, if can be beneficial to talk to your former spouse about incorporating this language into the custody agreement.

With a Right of First Refusal clause, you’ll have fewer concerns that a disagreement about something might cause your ex to change things up and hire a babysitter instead of calling you when it isn’t technically “your night.”

It can formalize an already productive co-parenting relationship, and create more stability for your child, too.

The child custody attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you broach the subject with your ex and draft language that builds on your existing custody agreement.

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