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How Do I Protect My Children From My Spouse’s Abuse During A Divorce

If you are leaving an abusive marriage, protecting yourself and your children is paramount.

To that end, our attorneys can work with you to petition the court for orders of protection at the outset of the action, getting your spouse out of your home right away.

We can help you collect documentation and witness statements to help ensure that your spouse’s custody or visitation plans are extremely curtailed, or prevented entirely.

Individuals who leave abusive marriages should take common sense precautions as the divorce unfolds. Once an order of protection is in place from the court, locks should be changed on the residence and, if possible, additional security measures taken.

If a friend or relative is available to stay with you, that can increase your actual safety, as well as your sense of it.

When it comes time to determine visitation, we will work to ensure that your spouse’s time with your children – if any is granted – is supervised, and that arrangements related to pick-ups and drop-offs promote your safety.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we know how hard many of our clients have worked to free themselves from abusers.

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