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My Spouse Wants To Hurt Me. How Can I Avoid A Messy, Contested Divorce?

Sometimes, a marriage has eroded so much that there’s simply no way to avoid an ugly divorce.

The costs of these actions, in terms of money and emotional energy, can be significant, but when your spouse is out to hurt you or soak you financially, it may impossible to do anything but get through it as intact as possible and move on.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, our attorneys have helped clients through a broad spectrum of extremely difficult divorces, and helped to protect their assets, their net worth, and their sanity at every step.

Sometimes an angry spouse can still be reasoned with, and other times, the goal of the legal team has to be to act as a shield between the angry spouse and our client.

Your divorce may not be pleasant, but our attorneys can do what needs to be done to get you through it.

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