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What Types Of Fraud Make A Marriage Voidable?

Fraud is the foundation for most annulment petitions in New York, but not any fraud will suffice to win an annulment.

When one spouse has lied or concealed something that is essential to the marriage contract, they may have committed a fraud that can cause the marriage to be voidable.

Marriages where one spouse knowingly concealed a permanent inability to have children is one example of a fraud that may rise to the level of voiding a marriage.

The fraud that is the basis for the annulment must be discovered within three years of the date of the marriage for an annulment to be granted, and there must be no actions on the part of the innocent spouse to suggest that the fraud was forgiven.

If you believe your marriage was entered into fraudulently, you may be able to have your marriage voided through annulment.

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