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If My Spouse Is Constantly Posting On Social Media From Expensive Stores And Restaurants, Can I Use That To Argue For A Lower Settlement?

Yes, it’s a growing trend all across the country for divorcing spouses to use social media activity to question statements made in court.

If your spouse claims financial hardship but posts photos of expensive goods or time spent out partying, you have cause to suggest that the situation may not be as dire as your spouse would like the court to believe.

These days, anyone involved in litigation of any kind should be extremely careful in how they use social media, and even consider closing your accounts during a divorce.

Many people use online platforms to bash ex’s or complain about how they’re being treated during the divorce, and all of those comments can come back to bite you in the court room.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we can help you protect yourself while making sure your spouse’s activity is an issue they’ll have to deal with.

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