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I Don’t Know Our Financial Picture. How Can I Be Sure My Spouse Isn’t Hiding Cash Or Assets In A Queens Divorce?

In situations where the spouse who has managed the household’s finances and investments isn’t being fully forthcoming with records and other documentation, you need the help of experienced divorce attorneys who know how to get the data you need, and how to properly analyze it to look for signs of missing assets and cash.

Many people try to hide property or investments that they’d rather not lose, or which will make them appear wealthier on paper, thus entitling their spouse to a greater settlement when the marriage ends.

Though this is unethical and often illegal, many unscrupulous divorce lawyers will assist their clients in this behavior.

By working with experienced, ethical divorce attorneys, you can trust that financial disclosures will be evaluated by professionals who are trained in finding hidden cash and assets.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino bring years of experience to every divorce action, and can help ensure that you get everything you’re entitled to in your divorce.

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