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Do I Have To Use A Lawyer To Handle My Divorce In Queens?

No, divorce courts don’t require that the parties use attorneys, and there are some situations where attorneys may not be necessary.

This is especially true in short marriages where there are few assets and the couple hasn’t had children.

In any divorce that includes features like marital property, child custody, allocation of retirement and investment accounts, and spousal maintenance, both spouses owe it to themselves to have attorneys on hand to at least review negotiated settlements and identify topics where the result may not end up being fair to the client.

The long term cost savings from a small investment in an attorney can be enormous, and can often make the difference between keeping assets you love and losing them to your spouse or a liquidation sale.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino understand that not every divorce requires intensive action from lawyers, but we can help make sure that you get the best settlement possible, and avoid common divorce pitfalls that unrepresented people often miss.

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