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How Do I Demonstrate That An Out Of State Move Is Better For My Kids After A Queens Divorce?

While judges in Queens have historically struggled with out of state moves with children after a divorce, the changing economy and the shifting understanding of the modern family have led to a much greater openness toward relocation when it provides a benefit to children.

Presumably, your former spouse is opposed to you leaving with the children, and that’s an important factor, but not decisive.

If you have a job offer out of state that will allow expanded opportunities to your children, family ties that can provide additional support and nurturing to your children, or other opportunities that make an out of state relocation advantageous to your kids, courts are willing to allow it.

The key is showing judges, clearly and convincingly, that your children can thrive in the new setting.

When a former spouse is opposed, it’s important to demonstrate a willingness to work with them to achieve a new parenting plan that allows continued contact and preserves the relationship between the kids and their other parent.

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