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I’ve Worked And My Spouse Stayed Home. What Are They Entitled To In A Divorce In Queens?

There are many variables when it comes to divorce settlements when one spouse worked and the other didn’t.

The length of the marriage and whether or not you share children are very significant questions, but as a general proposition, the court will seek to ensure that there is a fair settlement that leaves both parties financially viable.

If your marriage was short and there are few marital assets to deal with, the main concern may be to return both of you to your condition at the start of the marriage.

If you’ve had a longer marriage, your spouse may be entitled to a period of financial support in the form of spousal maintenance.

This is intended to allow them the time and resources to rejoin the workforce and become self-sufficient again.

When there are significant marital assets and a marriage of longer than ten years, especially if there are children, your spouse may be entitled to quite a lot.

You should work with experienced Queens divorce attorneys who can protect your assets and your wallet to the greatest extent possible.

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