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With The New Healthcare Law, Can I Drop My Spouse From My Plan When They File For Divorce In Queens?

No, even with expanded access to private insurance plans on the marketplace, you are not allowed to remove your spouse or children from your health insurance policy until your divorce settlement has been worked out.

It’s possible that New York’s healthcare exchange may be a viable option for your spouse post-divorce, but the automatic orders issued at the time of filing for divorce are designed to maintain the status quo while the action works through the legal process.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino know that one of the top priorities for people whose marriages are ending is separating out what belongs to them from what belongs to their spouse, and cutting the ties that feel constraining in the new situation.

Health, dental, and life insurance plans can’t be changed right away, but we can help ensure that you get the best settlement available and can move on easily after your marriage ends.

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