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How Long Will A Contested Divorce Take In Queens?

It’s impossible to say how long any particular contested divorce may take in Queens, but you should certainly consider that the next six months of your life, and maybe much longer, will include dealing with details of your divorce.

If you can avoid a contested action by negotiating with your spouse, the process can play out more quickly, but if you simply can’t avoid litigation, plan for a relatively long haul.

Some contested actions in Queens take years to resolve, as motions and counter-motions are filed and take up the court’s time – as well as your own.

If you’re looking at a difficult divorce that’s likely to be decided in a courtroom, get the best legal help you can.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino bring years of experience to every divorce action, and help our clients come away from bad divorces as intact as possible.

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