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How Do We Divide Credit Card Debt In A Queens Divorce When My Spouse Wants To Split It Evenly, But I Only Accumulated A Small Fraction Of It?

If your spouse insists on sticking you with debt that you didn’t incur, you may end up fighting about it in court.

When determining how to divide debt from credit cards, if you can show that your spouse ran up the debt on things that only they used, then you stand a better chance of avoiding those debts in the final judgment.

On the other hand, if the cards happened to be in your spouse’s name, but the cards were used for things like groceries, paying the mortgage, fueling the family cars, and other household expenditures that benefit both spouses, you’ll have a harder time justifying an uneven split.

Making financial cases can be difficult, so it’s important that you work with experienced Queens divorce attorneys to build clear and convincing evidence that your spouse is the party entitled to the majority of the credit card debt.

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