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How Much Will An Uncontested Divorce Cost In Queens, NY?

Uncontested divorces in Queens the most economical way to end your marriage, but they do require more of a give and take between spouses than contested or collaborative divorces.

In most cases, you’ll develop a settlement agreement between yourselves, have your attorneys review them, and then submit them to the court.

Costs are low, in the hundreds of dollars, and you may have your judgment of divorce in as little as 60 days.

Uncontested divorces are not appropriate in all cases, regardless of the apparent cost savings.

If your spouse insists on an unfair distribution of marital assets or has burdensome conditions attached to child custody or visitation, you should strongly consider renegotiating the settlement.

Your attorney can help. Truly imbalanced or incomplete petitions won’t be approved by a judge, which means you’ll pay for the process twice.

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