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Is Property Division Different For Gay Couples Who Couldn’t Marry In Queens Until Recently?

While there’s a general understanding of what constitutes a marital asset versus a separate asset in most divorces, when it comes to same-sex divorce, those categories can be blurrier.

Many same-sex couples have been together for years or decades, accumulating property, raising children, and sharing their lives the way that any married couple does – except that they were not able to marry.

There are circumstances where apparently separate assets can convert to marital assets in a divorce, and for many same-sex couples, the only way to achieve a truly equitable distribution of property and debt is to push the court to accept a wider view of what constitutes marital property than it might otherwise.

This is an evolving area of law, and our attorneys are at the cutting edge of developing client-centered, fair divorce outcomes for long term couples who have only recently been permitted to marry and divorce in Queens.

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