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When Is Collaborative Divorce The Best Way To Go In Queens?

Collaborative divorce can be a very constructive approach for Queens couples who are still able to work together, and are committed to negotiating a settlement that provides a win-win outcome, rather than a competitive, win-lose outcome.

This can be doubly true for couples who share children and have made the decision that they will learn to move past any animosity of their marriage’s end in order to continue as healthy co-parents to their children.

Collaborative divorce is usually not an option if you and your spouse are no longer speaking, or if your only interactions are fights.

While it may be possible to forge a working relationship from this, it’s unusual, and you may be better served by another approach to divorce.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino help couples who are seeking to preserve as much respect as possible at the end of a marriage.

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