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What Is A Mediated Divorce In Queens?

Mediation is a way of approaching divorce in a more rational and calm manner than a typical litigated divorce allows for.

In a mediated divorce, parties meet in structured sessions to discuss issues like parenting, division of property, financial arrangements, and any other elements specific to their situation.

A trained mediator helps to guide the process by keeping the parties focused on the matters at hand and facilitating a level of communication that can lead to sound compromises and practical solutions.

While attorneys are not strictly required during the mediation process, we always advise people considering a mediated divorce to meet with an attorney and establish a professional relationship.

If the mediation is successful, you’ll have an informed resource available to answer any questions you have about legal matters and to do a final review of your agreements before you put your name to them.

If mediation fails, having an attorney already familiar with the issues in your divorce gives you a head start on the litigation process.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino handle divorces of all type, and can ensure that a mediated settlement truly reflects your interests.

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