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I Started Out Representing Myself. Can I Hire A Lawyer During The Divorce In Queens?

Yes, even if you began your Queens divorce by representing yourself, known as pro se to the court, you can hire a lawyer at any point in your divorce.

Make sure you hire an experienced divorce attorney who can properly represent your interests and negotiate forcefully on your behalf.

You Want To Hire A Divorce Attorney, But What Can They Do For You?

If your divorce is contested, look for a divorce attorney with plenty of experience in the courtroom, as litigation carries a number of unique elements that an uncontested divorce won’t have.

Many people go into a divorce expecting a relatively straightforward experience, and choose to represent themselves because it’s cheaper, and they retain a level of trust with their spouse.
Hire A Lawyer
But once the issues of a divorce are brought to the table, things can change fast.

Your simple, uncontested divorce can rapidly become a messy, litigated action that requires thorough preparation from an experienced Queens divorce attorney.

If You Need To Hire A Lawyer During Your Divorce, Contact Us

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