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Can I Marry Again After Our Settlement Is Submitted To The Judge In Queens?

No, you cannot marry again until you receive your final Judgement of Divorce.

Marrying prior to this is against the law, and the marriage itself will be void.
Final Judgement
There are criminal penalties for bigamy in New York, and being married to two people at the same time is the classic definition of bigamy.

Once you have your Final Judgement of Divorce and your first marriage is legally dissolved, then you can marry your new spouse.

There are no waiting periods in New York, so consider the time between submitting your final settlement and receiving your divorce decree as an informal waiting period, and use the time to invest in the relationship before solemnizing it.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can keep you fully informed about the status of your divorce, and help you avoid pitfalls that can come back to haunt you later.

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