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Do I Still Have To Pay Child Support If I Take Custody Of One Of My Two Children In Queens?

You’ll have to continue to pay some child support if you take custody of one of your children in Queens, but it’s likely that the amount you pay will be reduced.

How Your Child Support Obligation Can Change

Only a judge can change your child support obligation, so it’s important that you continue paying as previously ordered until your petition for modification can be heard and decided in Family Court in Queens.
Child Support
Child support modifications can be made when there are significant changes to be addressed, and assuming physical custody of one of two children is certainly situation that warrants consideration by a judge.

You’ll still have a child support obligation for your second child, but a reduction in your total payment is likely.

We can help you get a fair hearing for your support modification, and get a payment that’s right for you.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino help people in Queens pay only what they must in child support.

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