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Can I File For Divorce After Learning That My Spouse Has Ran Up A Huge Debt In Queens?

You can file for divorce in Queens at any time, assuming residency requirements are met, but when you learn that your marriage may have included significant debts accrued by your spouse, you need to proceed very cautiously.

In the worst case, you’ll be assigned a significant portion of the debt as part of the divorce settlement, which is probably the opposite of what you are hoping to achieve.

Protecting yourself financially in a divorce is probably the most significant concern at the end of any marriage, but this is more true when your spouse has engaged in reckless spending.
In your case, you’ll need attorneys who can build a case to absolve you of as much debt as possible, and who have the experience to identify the problematic debt as clearly as possible for the court.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino understand how shocking it is to learn that a spouse has amassed significant debt that you shouldn’t have to pay for.

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