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We’re Divorcing And I Want To Christen Our Baby In Queens But My Spouse Objects. What Can I Do?

Assuming you have temporary joint custody, you have a lot of rights when it comes to how your child is exposed to religious faith in Queens, but you are sharing responsibility for major life decisions for your child, like which faith they are raised in.

When your spouse objects, even with joint custody, you can’t just go and have the baby christened.

If you’ve both discussed the issue and can’t reach an agreement, perhaps because you are of different faiths, or maybe because you have differing views of the importance of religious practice, then you’ll have to take the issue before a judge.

It’s a good guess that your different religious affiliations will play a role in how you raise your child for the next couple of decades.
Joint Custody
You should work with attorneys who have experience in helping divorcing couples negotiate these elements for their settlement, and can be effective advocates for your right to raise your child in your faith.

At Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino, we understand how core a person’s faith is and how important it is to share that with their child.

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