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My Spouse Filed For Divorce In Queens But I Don’t Want A Divorce. Can I Just Say No?

Unfortunately in your situation, New York law allows a spouse to unilaterally divorce, even if the other spouse doesn’t want to.

If your spouse is serious about a divorce, you don’t have the power to stop the action, but you do have the power to slow it down.

This may or may not achieve your ends if you want to save your marriage, but it certainly happens that couples will begin the divorce process, find that they finally have the space to address some of the core problems in their marriage, and decide to reconcile.

Whether this is possible in your case has everything to do with you and your spouse.

If you’ve been served with divorce papers, whether you want to divorce or not, you should speak to a Queens divorce attorney immediately.

Whatever your goals may be, you gain nothing by not responding promptly, and have a lot to lose by not fully participating.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino work closely with our clients to understand their goals.

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