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My Spouse Wants To Be A Stay-At-Home Parent In Queens With Full Custody After Our Divorce, And Has Requested A Large Spousal Support Payment. If I Get Custody, Can I Cut The Spousal Maintenance Payment?

There are several things at play here, but it seems like the core question is whether you should have to pay alimony for your spouse not to work outside the home while they are a stay-at-home, custodial parent to your children.

The short answer is, “No, you shouldn’t have to support your ex if you don’t want to,” but the longer answer may be more complicated.

If your ex is using the option of being a stay-at-home parent as leverage in their custody petition, then you have ample grounds to contest that idea if you’ll be paying their bills and allowing them not to work.

If your income allows this, then your income certainly allows you to provide a loving home for your children as a custodial parent.

When it comes to child custody, spousal support, and all the other elements of a divorce, getting what you need has everything to do with your choice of lawyers.

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