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Can The Judge Cancel My Temporary Maintenance If She Learns I’ve Misrepresented My Income In Queens?

Queens Divorce Attorney For Temporary Maintenance

Yes, a judge can modify or cancel a temporary maintenance award if they become aware that you’ve hidden income you should have reported in Queens.

This is the kind of information that spouses love to introduce in ugly divorces, and when a client makes a mistake like this, it can be difficult to fully recover from.

Judges don’t like it when parties to a divorce conduct themselves unethically, so if you’ve intentionally or accidentally misstated your income in your filings with the court, it’s important that you be as proactive as possible to head off any problems.

Your divorce attorney should be your first line of defense as you address misreported income, and the attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino are some of the most effective and experienced divorce attorneys you’ll find in Queens.

We can help you solve difficult issues in your divorce and get the best possible settlement.

Call us today at 718-523-1111 for a free consultation with an experienced Queens temporary maintenance attorney.


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