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My Spouse Says I Owe Them For Their Share Of The Mortgage Payments On Our Queens Home, Which Is My Separate Property. Is That True?

When a couple starts the divorce process, a lot of things are said that have little or no basis in law, and which really come out of a desire to hurt the other.

When your spouse argues that you owe them for mortgage payments on a house you both lived in, but which you own, ask yourself this: Was your spouse somehow living somewhere for free before you married?

Housing costs money, and if your spouse hadn’t been living with you and paying a share of the mortgage, then they would have been living somewhere and paying money for that.

Where your spouse might have a financial interest is if the house has appreciated in value during the marriage.

In that case, they may be able to claim a portion of the appreciation.

You should work with experienced divorce lawyers who know how to separate out the financial and property elements of a divorce and get you the best deal possible.

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