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If Our Incomes Are About The Same In Queens And We’re Sharing Parenting Duties Pretty Evenly, Who Pays Child Support?

While judges in Queens are committed to protecting children during and after a divorce, in situations like yours, it’s possible that no one will be ordered to pay child support, assuming that you both live up to the terms of your custody agreement.

While it’s not especially common for parents to find a 50-50% solution to child support, when it happens and works, everyone benefits.

If you and your spouse are working productively on co-parenting plans and seem to be able to communicate effectively and without undue rancor, the judge in your divorce case may exercise their discretion to let the two of you continue to work it out.

It’s important that your custody plans be clearly spelled out and that you are both able to address questions the judge may have about your plans for dividing overnights with your children, parenting duties, logistics, and your child’s financial well being.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you negotiate a custody agreement that puts your child first, and lets both parents be active and involved.

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