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I’m Moving Out And We’re Filing For Divorce. Do I Have To Continue Paying The Mortgage For Our Home In Queens?

Yes, you should plan to continue paying your share of the mortgage on your jointly-owned home for the time being.

Long term specifics regarding the mortgage and status of the house itself will be worked out as part of the divorce, but for the time being, you should consider yourself locked into the status quo until a judge orders a different arrangement.

This will be true of things like health insurance, as well.

If you and your spouse share a plan through an employer’s health insurance program, the employee-spouse can’t remove the other spouse (or any children) from the plan without authorization from the court.

In some instances, this is as simple as your spouse accepting their own employer-sponsored package, but in others, a lower-earning spouse may remain on your health insurance even after the divorce.

The goal from the court’s perspective is to limit the immediate damage that can flow from the end of a marriage and give each party time to get established in the new circumstance.

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