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What Do I Do If My Ex-Spouse Won’t Provide Their Tax ID For Me To Report Spousal Maintenance Payments On My Taxes In Queens?

In most cases, your former spouse’s tax ID will simply be their Social Security number, which is likely available to you on old tax forms if you ever filed together in Queens.

If you aren’t able to track it down and your ex simply refuses to give you the information you need to claim deductions that you’re entitled to, you have a right to ask a judge to compel your former spouse to provide it to you.

Often, if you’ve already discussed this with your former spouse and hit a dead end, communication from an attorney will be enough to make them relent in order to avoid a court appearance, especially since they’ll be ordered to turn over their tax ID anyway.

If not, the attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can take care of the issue for you and have a judge order that your former spouse’s tax ID or Social Security number are provided to you for your tax filing.

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