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I Want Custody Of Our Cats In Our Queens Divorce. Can You Help?

Pets play an increasingly important role in our lives these days, and when a marriage ends, one of the big questions many Queens couples have to confront is who the pets will live with.

From a legal perspective, there’s no statute governing pet ownership or custody during or after a divorce, but there have been cases where judges have issued guidance.

In general, if you want to retain pets that you acquired during the marriage, you should be able to show that you are the primary caregiver, and have taken responsibility for things like vet visits and bills.

Pets are often closely bonded to one person in a household, and that alone can be a determining factor.

We usually find that in cases where one pet “parent” strongly wants to retain their companion animals, the other is willing to find a solution.

We help that process along, offering creative resolutions where possible, and fighting for your rights when your spouse won’t agree.

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