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If We Rent In Queens, Does It Matter If I Move Out Before Filing And Before The Lease Is Up?

Yes, even as a renter, you can suffer negative financial consequences by moving out before you file for divorce.

If your name is on the lease, you are liable for rent payments, and if your spouse stops paying, the landlord has every right to come after you for the arrears.

This means that you could be on the hook for paying both for your own home or apartment, plus your spouse’s.

If you are at a point where living with your spouse is no longer tenable, it may be time to consult a divorce lawyer.

Even if you aren’t sure you want to file, a matrimonial attorney can make sure you don’t take actions that damage your finances and your credit, or even expose you to lawsuits from creditors.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you understand your current situation, and what steps you can take that will cause you the least pain down the road.

Call us today at 718-523-1111 and speak to an experienced Queens divorce lawyer for free.