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My Spouse Has A Degree That Would Let Them Earn More Than Me, But They Stay Home With The Kids In Queens. Will I Have To Pay Alimony Or Child Support?

In cases like this, how the ongoing financial arrangements with your spouse and children are handled can require some finesse.

The judge will almost certainly expect your spouse to return to work, but if they’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, finding a job may take some time. You may be ordered to pay alimony during the transition.

As for child support, you’ll be expected to contribute to the support your children even if your spouse ends up earning more than you do.

If the issue needs to be reopened in the future, that can be handled at that time, but you won’t be free of the child support obligation until your children turn 21.

When you work with experienced divorce attorneys, you stand the best chance of getting a settlement that protects your interests and anticipates future conditions and how they will impact you and the terms of the agreement.

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