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Do The Grounds I File On Matter For The Settlement In Queens Courts?

Judges in Queens and elsewhere in New York used to make an effort to ensure that the spouses of those who had misbehaved in a marriage were protected financially on the basis of that misbehavior, but in the modern era of two-income households and greater independence for both parties, the equation has changed.

While it is still acceptable to file for divorce on a ground like adultery, abandonment, or cruel and inhuman treatment, unless circumstances are extraordinary, an experienced Queens divorce attorney will almost certainly encourage you to file for divorce on Irretrievable Breakdown grounds.

There are a number of advantages. First, using a different ground typically won’t alter the terms of the settlement, so there’s no financial gain to be had in citing another cause for the action. Second, proving something like adultery is similar to building a criminal case, and the expenses involved can be high.

Whatever the ultimate reason for the end to your marriage, the attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can help you have the easiest and most cost effective divorce available, with the most favorable settlement terms for you.

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