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How Can I Prove Adultery In My Divorce Case In Queens?

Building a case on a ground like adultery is more complicated than you may think.

This goes back to the days when New York required a substantial burden of evidence that was often difficult for a spouse to meet, which was designed to discourage divorce.

In practice, what is meant was that divorce courts in Queens and elsewhere in the state were riddled with cases that amounted to fraud, but where both spouses wanted a divorce and had to show some wrongdoing, even if they had just stopped being in love and didn’t want to be married to each other anymore.

Reforms were enacted in recent years to give couples greater flexibility and remove the need and expense to build a case around an allegation like adultery.

Under the Irretrievable Breakdown grounds, New York’s version of no-fault divorce, a couple can dissolve their marriage without proving misconduct, saving time, money, and emotional fallout.

When your spouse has cheated on you, it’s normal to want that to be part of the record and for a court to impose some punishment, but the truth is that adultery will have little impact on your divorce settlement.

An experienced Queens divorce attorney can make sure that you get the most favorable settlement possible, and that your spouse is held accountable for their wrongdoing.

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