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What Happens To My Spouse If They Emptied A Joint Savings Account During The Divorce In Queens?

When either party files for divorce, a series of automatic orders are issued right away that are designed to keep your financial and property matters at the status quo at the time of filing.

Because marital property like a joint savings account is subject to equitable distribution, you have a right to your share of the value of the account.

Your spouse will certainly be ordered to pay back every cent owed to you, and depending on the circumstances, there may be other consequences as well.

In cases where the court finds that your spouse acted in contempt of the automatic orders, other penalties may be applied, such as awarding some or all of your legal fees to your spouse.

While there are many reasons why a person in a divorce may need extra money and violate the court order, from moving expenses to legal fees, it’s never okay to appropriate marital funds for personal use during the divorce.

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