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If I Have To Pay My Spouse’s Attorney Fees In Queens, What Incentive Do They Have To Settle Reasonably?

There is obviously the risk of abuse when one spouse is ordered to pay the other’s legal fees, and judges are well aware of that potential.

One aspect of their job is balancing the need of a lower-earning spouse to access competent legal assistance during the divorce, and another is being proactive in preventing the lower-earning spouse from using the order to simply drain your wallet.

What constitutes a reasonable settlement will be a negotiated issue even in an uncontested divorce, but if you believe the judge in your case is letting your spouse take extremely unreasonable positions and fight them through on your dime, your attorney should take steps to stop the behavior.

Never go into a divorce in Queens without representation, even if things seem like they’ll be easy.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino can protect your financial interests and make sure you’re reimbursed if your spouse’s actions get out of hand.

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