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My Spouse And I Have Been Married In Queens For Nine Years And We’re Both Nearing Retirement Age. Is It Worth It To Wait In Order To Be Eligible For Social Security Spousal Benefits?

There are significant long term upsides to waiting for the ten year mark if you’re close to it and plan to retire in the near future.

Social Security provides spousal benefits even after divorce, as long as the marriage lasted for at least ten years.

If your Social Security benefit will be lower than your spouse’s, then waiting to file may provide you a greater measure of financial security in the long term.

Keep in mind that in a divorce, retirement benefits that have accrued are also considered marital property, so if your spouse has a 401(k) or pension through work, the value of that will be distributed between the parties.

There are a number of ways to protect you in retirement even after a divorce.

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