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My Ex Says My Child Should Sleep At Their House Since I Work Nights, But My Child Is In Bed And In The Care Of Her Grandparents Long Before I Leave For work. Am I Violating “First Right Of Refusal” By Going To Work In Queens?

Whether or not you’re violating the “first right of refusal” language in your custody orders has a lot to do with the specific language in the order.

In most cases, a situation like the one you describe would not be considered a violation, but it’s difficult to know exactly what a given judge might decide in a given case.

Some questions that may play into the matter include how long you’ve been divorced and how long you’ve worked nights.

If this is a longstanding situation that your spouse has known about for months or years, it’s unlikely that the petition would go anywhere.

If these are new circumstances, your spouse may simply want to use the changed circumstances to take another shot at getting custody.

If that’s the case, you need an attorney to protect you.

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