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My Lawyer Is Constantly Unprepared. Can I Change Lawyers In The Middle Of A Custody Fight In Queens?

You can, but you should make sure to give your new lawyer enough time to get up to speed with your case.

Last minute changes can cause problems if they’re not handled properly, so reaching out as early as possible before a hearing or filing deadline is critical.

On the other hand, a constantly unprepared lawyer won’t win you any points with the judge in your case, and you may have reached a point where working with a new lawyer has the advantage of antagonizing the court less than your old one did.

Ideally, you’ll find an attorney who is broadly experienced with child custody cases and who can get up to speed on the specific issues of your case fast.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino are deeply invested in our clients’ cases, and work diligently to make sure that their interests are fully represented at every step of the way.

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