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If I File For Divorce Will My Abusive Spouse Be Able To See My New Queens Address?

If your marriage featured violence and you are now seeking a divorce and a new start, courts in Queens will work with you to protect your privacy and keep you safe from your spouse.

Your address, phone number, and other identifying information can be kept private.

In addition, if you do not currently have an order of protection in place against your spouse, you should talk to your lawyer about getting one as part of the divorce action.

Even with an order of protection, your spouse will be entitled to attend hearings related to the divorce, though any harassment or unnecessary contact will not be allowed.

Survivors of domestic violence have unique concerns for their safety when it comes to leaving a marriage to an abuser.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino take our clients’ physical security very seriously, and will ensure that you have all the protection allowed under New York law as you get away from an abusive spouse.

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