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My Spouse Caught Me Cheating. Do They Get Everything They Want In Our Divorce In Queens?

No, under today’s matrimonial laws, divorce is designed to leave both spouses as intact as is feasible, rather than a process designed to punish a misbehaving spouse.

While a history of adultery won’t help you in your divorce, property distribution, spousal maintenance, child support, and other matters relevant to your situation are largely unaffected by infidelity.

Don’t panic. It’s natural for a spouse to react strongly when they discover that they’ve been cheated on, and it’s likely that your spouse would love to take you to the cleaners in the divorce.

In practice, both of you will end up with a portion of your marital wealth, debts, and assets, and child custody will be determined by various factors related to the child’s best interests, and you’ll both go on with your lives.

Divorce is frustrating and can be frightening, but when you work with an experienced Queens divorce attorney, you can trust that your interests will be defended and your settlement will be as fair as possible.

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