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As A Small Business Owner In Queens, Should I Consider A Prenup Before I Get Married?

When it comes to protecting yourself for the future, owners of small businesses have a duty not only to their future financial interests, but to those of your customers, vendors, and employees.

A successful business is too important to leave to chance, and when you’re planning to marry, it can provide a sense of stability to everyone involved if you create a prenuptial agreement that protects the business in the event of divorce.

No one likes the idea that they’re planning for their marriage to fail, but as realists, you and your fiance can agree that it could happen.

Your business was built by making wise decisions and planning even for unpleasant contingencies.

Your marriage should be based on similar foresight.

The attorneys at Zelenitz, Shapiro & D’Agostino help business owners in Queens work out fair prenuptial agreements that give both spouses a sense of certainty.

Call us today at 718-523-1111 and talk to an experienced Queens prenuptial agreement attorney for free.