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If I Anticipate A Large Inheritance, Will A Prenup Keep It Safe In The Event That We Divorce In Queens After We’re Married?

Yes, a prenuptial agreement is an important tool for those with family money who are planning to marry before they inherit.

A prenuptial agreement is a contract that determines at the outset how assets and wealth will be divided in the event that the marriage fails.
It may include provisions for spousal support, child support, and of course, stipulate that money you inherit, even when commingled with marital assets, remains your property if you should ultimately divorce.

Protecting your inheritance, which can be an extensive mix of cash, investments, and property, may require more than relying on the traditional notion that inherited property remains separate.

As a person’s net worth rises, so too does a spouse’s intention to maximize their gains in a divorce.

A prenuptial agreement can free you and your spouse from those pressures.

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